Turquoise wave lapping the beach at Esperance in Western Australia

Wombats, Waves, and
Priscilla Queen of the Desert


Nullarbor Traveller owner, Jo, Hassie’s wife, and former guide, tells us about her favourite places and most memorable passengers on our Adelaide to Perth tour.

Q.  Why should people embark on a trip across the Nullarbor?

People think that the Nullarbor is just a dry desert but when they actually experience it they are blown away by the different scenery that they see. On a tour between Adelaide and Perth you are travelling over 4000km, which is two-thirds of Australia! The landscapes are extremely diverse with rugged coastline, white sandy beaches, ancient forests, wild outback and mountain ranges. It’s just pristine wilderness.

Q.  What are your top 3 places on Nullarbor Traveller’s South Australian Tours or Western Australian Tours?

I like the peace and quiet of being nowhere so my favourite camping spot when I was a guide was Newman Rocks near Balladonia in Western Australia, just after the South Australian border. It has an escarpment with a billabong in front of it where the camels would come and drink. You would wake up in the morning to a beautiful sunrise overlooking the whole area. The learn-to-surf experience at Sceale Bay on the Eyre Peninsula is a highlight for me because it just makes people laugh so much when they are falling off and playing around in the water. It is just so much fun. I absolutely love Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance in Western Australia. This place is so incredible with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.  I used to love diving into the water, falling onto the sand and watching the waves roll over me. Lucky Bay has been voted to have the whitest sand of any beach in Australia three times now. It is also home to many kangaroos who laze around on the beach. This is always a highlight on our Western Australian tours.

Q.  Do you have a most memorable passenger?

Oh, there are many. But there was one group of passengers in particular on an Adelaide to Perth tour that stand out. We had so much fun because they jumped in and got really involved with everything on the trip. They helped me with the food preparation and setting up camp, which was not only appreciated as many hands make light work, but this allowed us to see so much more. They actually called Hassie to see if I could take them all the way from Perth to Broome! But I had to get back to do another tour; otherwise I would have done it. We’d become a little family and that happens a lot on our tours.

Q.  What was your funniest moment on tour?

I had a guy on board an Adelaide to Perth Tour who loved the movie Priscilla Queen of the Desert. So we helped him live out his dream and created a re-enactment of the iconic scene from the movie where the character is dressed up as a drag queen, on top of a bus, singing opera, with his costume flowing in the wind behind him. Of course, in our version the bus wasn’t moving. But we made sure it was windy enough so it looked like it was. He took pictures and enjoyed himself immensely. This was one of those moments you and the other passengers will never forget about on their tour across the Nullarbor!

Priscilla Queen of the Desert Bus

Q.  What do you think people love the most about Nullarbor Traveller camping adventures?

I’d say the wildlife. When they actually see it for real, it is really special. And they also love our guides as they are genuinely so knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. People feel at ease with them.

Q.  What are your favourite Aussie animals?

Number one — definitely wombats. I love them because they have so much attitude. When I was a guide, I’d always ask people “if a wombat was an actor who would it be?” Danny DeVito, because they are both short, bulky and have attitude. The kangaroos at Cape Le Grand are just so cute and people can’t believe they can get up so close to them. There is just something so cool about seeing them on the beach, and such a beautiful one at that! Emus crack me up because they are just so stupid. They are funny to watch because they look like a grass fence on legs trying to run away.

Q.  Why should people buck the trend and travel the South Coast of Australia instead of the East?

I’d say people who don’t travel the south coast of Australia are missing so much. It’s also not as touristy, it offers totally different flora and fauna and it is much more relaxed. You turn up to these incredible destinations and there is not another soul in sight.

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Kangaroos on beach at Esperance Western Australia