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Top 3 Australian Wildlife to see on Adelaide to Perth Tours

Wildlife to see on Adelaide to Perth Tours

Owner and Operator of Nullarbor Traveller, Hassie, shares his top 3

#1 – Wedge-tail Eagle

This is probably an unusual one but the wedge-tail eagle as you’re crossing the Nullarbor is just an amazing bird of prey. Quite often when we travel the Nullarbor we see a bird and say “oh wow that’s an eagle” and don’t think anything more about it.  But the wedge-tail eagle has got a massive wingspan and acute eyesight so it can pick out creatures below and swoop down and just roll them.  They are just so strong and powerful.  So that one is really special to me.

#2 – Kangaroos of the Nullarbor Plain

It’s also interesting when you are crossing the mighty Nullarbor as well, the kangaroos that you see.  And I’m not talking about just “seeing kangaroos”.  It’s when you might see just a mist of rain and in a short period of time on the edges of the road there are little ruts where the water collects.

If we haven’t had rain for a while you’ll look ahead and the next 200 metres could be full of kangaroos drinking the water along the side of the highway.  They just know to go to that area to get water so for passengers they love it, seeing 100 odd kangaroos in the outback grabbing a much-needed drink.

Emu on swag camping wildlife adventure tour.

#3 – The Wombat & The Emu

Wombats are interesting as well and we have a lot of them on our property at Coodlie Park Farm Retreat.  Everyone thinks they are cute, cuddly and furry, but they are actually quite a destructive animal environmentally.  Once we show people the wombat holes all over our property they realise why wombats are not the Aussie farmers friends!

On our national Coat of Arms there is a kangaroo and emu and the reason for that is because neither of those animals can walk backwards.  That was about Australia going forwards, so I also have to mention the emu.  We also have a lot of emus on our property and they are so funny to watch. They can be quite inquisitive and have been known to come quite close to the campers. This passenger got quite the wake up call on this video our guide shot which proceeded to go viral!

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Wombat at Glen Forest Wildlife Park Port Lincoln