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Western Australia Destinations: Stirling Ranges

The Stirling Ranges rise up out of the flat farmland of the Great Southern region of Western Australia in spectacular fashion, as mountains tend to do, and are ripe for exploration.

These beautiful, mist covered peaks are home to an amazing array of animals and plants, with over 1500 species of plants alone found here (more than all the species in the UK!). Bushwalking is hugely popular and the best way to see the sights.

Well established trails include Mount Trio, a 3km round trip, or the more challenging Bluff Knoll at 6km and 1095m, but be warned, all trails here are steep and require sturdy boots, loads of water and a good level of fitness. Guided tours such as our Perth to Adelaide or Adelaide to Perth routes are a good idea in these regions. You’ll not only have the expertise of a trained guide, but you’ll be taken to see the best view points in the Stirling Ranges. Whether you head out solo or with a group, you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views and possible sightings of some of Australia’s most ridiculously cute mammals including the western pygmy possum and even dibblers, cute rodents who were thought to have become extinct but have been reintroduced to the area.

The Stirling Range region were the hunting grounds for small groups of Indigenous Australians for thousands of years before European settlement. At least two tribes were known to inhabit the area: the Qaaniyan people in the west, and the Koreng people in the east. The Stirling Range played an important role in their culture, appearing in a number of Dreamtime stories.

Notable features of the Stirling ranges include Toolbrunup, Bluff Knoll (the tallest peak for a thousand kilometres or more in any direction and most popular tourist attraction), and a silhouette called The Sleeping Princess which is visible from the Porongurup Range.

Popular recreational activities in the area include bushwalking, abseiling and gliding.

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