Wave Rock in Western Australia on Perth to Adelaide tours

Wave Rock Western Australia


Australia is famed for hosting some of the world’s most impressive rock formations. From Uluru to the Devils Marbles, the 12 Apostles and the Three Sisters, each State seems to have at least one significantly impressive rock ready to show the world. However the lesser known Wave Rock in Western Australia is often overlooked despite its incredible size and form.

Situated in Hyden, Western Australia there’s no guessing how Wave Rock got its name. The geological marvel literally looks as if the tide of time was frozen still. It reaches up to an impressive 14 metres high and sprawls for approximately 110 metres.

Wave Rock makes up the northern side of a hill known as Hyden Rock. Together, both Wave Rock and Hyden Rock are part of the Hyden Wildlife Park nature reserve that covers around 160 hectares of land.

These rocks are thought to be 2.63 billion years old and are of cultural importance to the native Ballardong people. The locals believe that the unusual shape of the rock was formed by the Rainbow Serpent as he dragged his gargantuan body over the earth after he had consumed all of the water in the entire land.

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Why Visit Wave Rock?

With around 140,000 visitors annually to its base, Wave Rock is a comparatively unspoilt natural wonder in Australia’s South West. Visiting Wave Rock will give you a cultural insight into the Aboriginal Dreamtime legends and a slice of Ancient Australia.

Want an impressive Instagram shot to document your travels? Stand in front of this stone wave and you’ll have the perfect backdrop!

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