Backpacker tourist with tall trees of Pemberton forests in Western Australia

Walpole & Surrounds

Walpole & Surrounds

The South West of Western Australia is famed for its white sandy beaches and towering ancient forests and the small town of Walpole Western Australia is surrounded by some of the most spectacular and diverse wilderness on the planet.  Located 430 kilometres southeast of Perth the region is in the top 10 bio-diversity hotspots in the entire world and the only one in Australia! 

Established in 2004, the Walpole Wilderness covers more than 363,000 hectares of national parks, nature reserves and forest conservation areas, surrounded by the Walpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park with these incredible forests stretching down to the pristine beaches. 

Located within the heart of the Walpole Wilderness is the Walpole-Nornalup National Park, home to tingle forests which occur nowhere else in the world.  The landscape embraces old, majestic jarrah, tingle and karri forests, impressive granite peaks, peaceful rivers, spectacular beaches and sheer coastal cliffs that overlook the Southern Ocean. 

The small township of Walpole offers a wide range of outdoor activities for visitors including swimming, boating, sailing, inlet cruises, fishing, bush walking, and climbing.  The town is located on the Walpole Inlet; a small estuary connected through a narrow channel with the bigger and deeper Nornalup Inlet.

Places We Visit near Walpole Western Australia

The Giant Tingle Tree

As you wind your way through a very special red tingle and karri forest you’ll arrive at the Giant Tingle Tree.  At 24 metres, this is the largest, living, eucalypt known in the world.  Here we explore this ancient forest on a 800m circular walk which leads down to the Giant Tingle Tree and the board walk that protects it.  The signposts have great information about the flora and fauna of this native forest of the south coast.

Valley of the Giants 

The Walpole area might be best known for the Valley of the Giants where you can get back to nature walking among colossal red tingle and karri trees which are endemic to this small region of Western Australia.  Here you have the opportunity to do the Tree Top Canopy Walk, a 600-metre walkway which rises 40 metres above the forest floor and provides a birds-eye view of this spectacular forest.  Back on the forest floor, wander through the forest on the Ancient Empire walk.

The Diamond Tree

The iconic Diamond Tree is located between Manjimup and Pemberton on the Southwest Highway. Why is this tree so special?  In 1939, the tree was chosen as one of three fire tree lookouts in the region.  It bushwalking in 1940 and a cabin built at the top where a person scanned the surrounding landscape looking for signs of smoke.  Used until 1974, it is the only wooden tree top tower in the world and now a popular tourist attraction with those not afraid of heights able to climb the tree all 51 metres for incredible views of the area. 

Visit the Giant Tingle Tree and Diamond Tree on our 3 Day Margaret River tour from Perth and the Valley of the Giants on our 6 Day Esperance Tour which includes our Margaret River & Beyond Tour.

Tree lined road leading to Valley of the Giants in Western Australia