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The Great Australian Bight aerial photo of whales
The Edge of Australia
Great Australian Bight

The Great Australian Bight

The longest continuous cliff coast line in the Southern Hemisphere

While the Nullarbor Plain borders much of the length of the Bight’s coastline The Great Australian Bight or “The Edge of Australia”, is the longest continuous cliff coast line in the Southern Hemisphere.  This is a place that takes our breath away every single time we stop there and watching passengers experience this for the first time is one of the best things about doing we what do.

What does The Great Australian Bight mean? Great – large, magnificent, epic. Australian – part of this great big amazing country we call home, Terra Australis. Bight – in nautical terms, a large open bay. Large, as in 1160 kms running from Cape Carnot in South Australia to Cape Pasley in Western Australia.

Head of Bight lookout Great Australian Bight
surfing beaches and rock platforms
Over 1000 kms of cliffs up to 60 m high

The bight came into existence when Gondwana broke apart and separated Antarctica from Australia around 50 million years ago. The coastline of the Great Australian Bight is characterised by cliff faces (up to 60 metres, or 200 feet, high), surfing beaches and rock platforms, ideal for whale-watching. It’s like Victoria’s Great Ocean Road on steroids!

You can experience the extraordinary landscapes, wildlife and culture on the following swag camping tours
Group of Nullarbor Traveller passengers at the Great Australian Bight
Journey to the edge of Australia
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