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Check out the view from the Great Australian Bight in South Australia. Weighing up Adelaide Perth vs Sydney Brisbane tours? Adelaide to Perth wins!
South Australia Tours

South Australia Tours

Lonely Planet voted South Australia as the #5 Best Region in the World in the ‘Best of Travel Awards 2017’ so this incredible part of the world will not stay Australia’s best-kept secret too much longer!

South Australia has an abundance of natural wonders. Explore from the ancient landscapes of the Flinders Ranges to the pristine beaches of the Eyre Peninsula. To truly experience what we call The Real Australia, you have to immerse yourself in it by taking a once-in-a-lifetime outback camping tour. Sleep under the stars around the campfire and connect with nature.

Jump on board a Nullarbor Traveller tour departing Adelaide and you will experience outback camping in a unique and safe way, ensuring you the trip of a lifetime!

South Australia Camping Tours

Nullarbor Traveller offers camping and wildlife experiences with swag camping tours (sleeping bag) from 6-10 days. Jump on board for the ultimate Australian road trip covering an incredible 4,000 km between Adelaide to Perth, or in reverse from Perth to Adelaide. We also offer 6-day tours of The Eyre Peninsula, The Flinders Ranges and Port Lincoln, where you could find yourself face-to-face with a great white shark.

Wildlife is the name of the game. We offer the opportunity to experience some of the world’s best wildlife encounters, as well as see abundant native wildlife in its own environment. From the absolute terror of Shark Cage Diving with Great Whites to the pure ecstasy of splashing around with rare Australian sea lions and dolphins, we’ve got the aquatic experiences covered. Back on land, you’ll see kangaroos sun-baking on beaches, cuddly koalas munching on eucalyptus leaves, emus strolling around the outback, and giant wedge-tailed eagles. If you’re lucky, you’ll even see some rare rock wallabies in the Flinders Ranges.

Where We Travel
South Australia Camping Tours

Nullarbor Traveller offer the ultimate South Australia camping experiences with swag camping tours across South Australia and the south-west of Western Australia. Nullarbor tour routes cover the 4000 km between Adelaide to Perth and the reverse, Perth to Adelaide, including the The Eyre Peninsula, The Nullarbor, the Flinders Ranges, and Port Lincoln, where you could find yourself face-to-face with Great White Sharks, Sea Lions and Dolphins.

South Australia Tours Map - Nullarbor Itinerary
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Everyone loves a good old travel deal and if you’re a little more flexible with time, you may be able to take advantage of our South Australia tour deals. From last minute offers to early bird bookings, we’ve always got a deal on the go.

Nulla Blog
South Australia Outback Experiences

We created the Nulla Blog to help you discover the best on our South Australia tour itineraries for your trip and to inspire future passengers. Here you will find out first-hand about the amazing destinations we visit across South Australia and the south-west of Western Australia. Read on to learn from past travellers and from our guides who all have great stories to share.

Cage Diving with Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln, South Australia
Hassie’s Blog: Cage Diving with Great White Sharks

Port Lincoln is the only place in Australia, and one of only five places on earth where you can cage dive with Great White Sharks. Terrifying, exhilarating and awe-inspiring might be some of the words used to describe this experience.  Personally, shit scared…

Swimming with sea lions in South Australia at the Baird Bay Eco Experience.
Swimming with Sea Lions and Dolphins

I believe swimming with sea lions in South Australia, as well as dolphins at Baird Bay on the Eyre Peninsula is one of the best wildlife encounters on earth. I first went out with Alan to swim with sea lions and dolphins in 1993. Like him, I still can’t resist jumping in the water each time.

Top 3 South Australia Destinations
Hassie’s Top 3 Destinations

Anyone that knows me or has even just met me in passing will know that I call the regions between Adelaide and Perth “my backyard”. That’s 4000 km and a bloody big backyard by anyone’s standards.

See it for yourself
Discover the Real Australia!

Unique experiences and spectacular destinations. Are looking for adventure tours with wildlife experiences? Want to discover what the real Australia is all about? Then you can’t go past our awesome swag camping tours. Jump on board, get back to nature, meet like-minded travellers and have the time of your life!

South Australia Tour Review
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South Australia Top Historical and Travel Facts

South Australia has a total land area of 983,482 kilometres


South Australia has a population 1.7 million people


South Australia’s capital city is Adelaide


The distance between Adelaide and Perth is 2697 kilometres

  • Aboriginal history around South Australia’s Nullarbor Plain dates back more than 40,000 years!
  • Some of the Indigenous people of South Australia included the Yalata people. Their protected area spans 456,000 hectares. The traditional communities of the Yalata were the Kokata, Antakariinja, Pindiini and Ngalea peoples. 
  • South Australia borders all other Australian mainland states including Northern Territory, Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.
  • The Flinders Ranges are a 540 million year old landscape
  • South Australia’s temperatures range from an average of 29ºC in summer to around 15ºC in winter.
  • South Australian seasons – Summer runs from December to February, Autumn from March to May, Winter from June to August, and Spring from September to November.
  • The first British settlement of South Australia was established at Kingscote on Kangaroo Island on 26th July, 1836. South Australia was a freely-settled British province, rather than a convict-settled province.
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You may think we’re a little biased when it comes to South Australia Tours and you’d be right to think that, but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.

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