Check out the view from the Great Australian Bight in South Australia. Weighing up Adelaide Perth vs Sydney Brisbane tours? Adelaide to Perth wins!

South Australia Destinations:
The Great Australian Bight


Imagine a 700 mile curve of rocky cliffs, towering 60 metres above the ocean. The waters are full of iconic and rare marine life. And now you have a pretty accurate picture of the Great Australian Bight.

This mind-blowing section of South Australia’s coast is an open bay created around 500 million years ago and now one of Australia’s premier spots for big, bold wildlife.

Rare and endangered species including humpback and blue whales (the biggest mammals on the planet, coming in at a whopping 98 feet long) live in the marine reserve here. And from May to October it’s home to a huge breeding population of southern right whales. Great white sharks patrol the waters in massive numbers and brave little Australian sea lions live alongside them, breeding and raising pups.

The Southern Ocean also provides top-notch surf and many skilled surfers catch waves here year round. There are numerous viewing points along the coastal road from which to photograph the vast blue waters and white and orange-hued cliffs. You might even spot a whale, or a huge white-bellied sea eagle, above.

Take a trip up to Head of the Bight in the north and you’ll find a boardwalk and an excellent visitor centre where you can learn more about the area.

Our South Australia Tours take in the best part of this stunning area. With the experienced Nullarbor Traveller Guides to hand, you’ll be leaving filled with inspiring stories of the regions history and some awesome photos. 

Stops on our Adelaide to Perth and Perth to Adelaide tours include the highway’s famous Camels/Kangaroos/Wombats Crossing road sign. And the Bunda Cliffs, where the Nullarbor Plain drops dramatically into the Southern Ocean. Running for approximately 200 kilometres along the Great Australian Bight, this is the world’s longest uninterrupted line of sea cliffs.

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