Sea lion & boat at Baird Bay Eco Experience

Swimming with Sea Lions and Dolphins

Fall in love with puppy dogs of the sea

Baird Bay Eco Tours have been operating for 24 years and it is a fact that when Alan the owner is in the water, the sea lions get super excited.  It’s such an interesting story of how this whole experience began. Alan tells his passengers about it. It all started one day when he was fishing in Baird Bay when one curious sea lion approached him. He watched for a while and then couldn’t resist the temptation to slip into the water. From here an incredible friendship was formed.  A couple of years later the dolphins started appearing and the rest is history.

I have had the pleasure of taking hundreds of travellers to enjoy this life-enhancing experience, one of many “swim with” experiences in “my backyard” – The Eyre Peninsula. People come really excited to swim with the dolphins. But always go away having fallen in love with the puppy dogs of the sea, the Australian sea lions, simply because the interaction you get from them is just amazing. There is no question that the animals love the interaction with the people as much as the people do with the sea lions. This is why swimming with sea lions in South Australia is so incredible.

When joining us swimming with sea lions in Baird Bay, South Australia, you’ll be snorkelling in safe and shallow water while they splash around and enjoy playing with you. In that moment, when a sea lion comes up to you and your eyes meet, you play together and you know it’s having as much fun as you. If you’re lucky they will even give you a kiss and nibble your toes. It is a wonderful experience and something everyone should do.

Sea lion family on Eyre Peninsula tours

Swimming with dolphins in South Australia

The dolphins experience is also world-class and it is just extraordinary you get to encounter both wild creatures on one half-day tour! You go from duck diving and playing chase with the Australian sea lions, to being in deeper but still sheltered waters and having up to 20 bottlenose dolphins swimming around you.  One thing that always strikes me is that you can actually hear the dolphins talking to each other and it is a like a loud electric clock tick. But it is also sonar, so you feel it in your temples, as the dolphins swim in the bow waves.

You can have this once in a lifetime wildlife experience on all of our South Australian tours.

Baird Bay Eco Tours Boat launch on Eyre Peninsula tours