Passengers on boat to swim with sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay in South Australia

Swimming with Sea Lions and Dolphins
on the Eyre Peninsula

Before my internship on South Australia’s amazing Eyre Peninsula even started, I had another adventure to embark on. And how excited was I to find out it is one of the best eco-tours in South Australia – swimming with sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay. I had heard so many incredible things about this experience, so I was thrilled to do it! 

The day started with a short one-hour drive from my home at Coodlie Park to the seaside village of Baird Bay which is on the west coast of the Eyre Peninsula. We arrived at a nice beach house where the Baird Bay Ocean Eco Experience is based. Then we got all suited up and ready for our wildlife adventure. And believe me, given it was only September and a mere 14 degrees, we were happy to have those wetsuits on!

Finally everybody had wrangled themselves into a wetsuit, so we headed to the 14 seater boat. After a 30-minute cruise, taking in the stunning coastal scenery of the Eyre Peninsula, we arrived at the inlet. Without even looking too hard, the dolphins already jumped out of the water on both sides of the boat saying “hi”! Everybody was so happy and excited and then they came close to the boat. Alan our tour guide and owner of the business said: “go go go”!

Swimming with Dolphins

Before you realise it you are in the ocean with the dolphins and they are swimming all around you! There was even one so close to me I could hear him speak. That was an incredible moment I will always treasure. We were the guests in the water and the dolphins were happy to have us there. 

Next, it’s time to get back in the boat to head out towards adventure part two; swimming with sea lions! I think the sea lions were feeling the cold too, as unfortunately they were not that playful that day. We could see them all hanging around at the little beach and on the rocks so Alan tried to grab their attention by whistling. He knows every sea lion by name and they know just as well who he is. He and his wife started the business over 25 years ago and have been taking people out to have this amazing experience ever since.

Swim with dolphins on Nullarbor Traveller eco tours in South Australia

Swimming with Sea Lions

Finally, I was swimming with sea lions! One sea lion appeared and everybody jumped in the water again while she played with us all doing loops, jumps and twirls. I was finally experiencing what I’d heard about so many times from the previous Dutchies that have done their internships with Hassie and Jo. There was only one sea lion in the water that day but it didn’t really matter because she was so engaged with us as she didn’t have her own friends in the water to play with.

After some hot chocolate and a little cruise back to the beach house, everybody wrung out their wetsuits. You could see the delight on everyone’s faces, smiling and sharing stories. It is a beautiful experience and I’m so glad to share it with you. Hopefully you can come and experience this amazing wildlife tour in Australia, too, one day.

All of the Nullarbor Traveller camping tours stop off at Baird Bay giving passengers the opportunity to do this eco-tour in South Australia. To be able to swim with dolphins and sea lions at the same time was such a rare opportunity. After you’ve done it you’ll be like: “I’ve actually swum and played with dolphins and sea lions in the real Aussie sea.”

Quoting Hassie, “they will tickle your toes, nibble your bum and if you’re very lucky, they will give you a kiss on the cheek”. I wasn’t lucky enough to get a kiss this time but I will definitely do this amazing wildlife tour in Australia again – it’s just all part of my job!

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