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What’s So Remarkable About The Remarkable Rocks?

Teetering 200 feet above the Southern Ocean and perched atop a huge dome of fossilised lava sit the iconic Remarkable Rocks.

A main attraction on Kangaroo Island, it took an impressive 500 million years of wind, rain and waves to carve out these huge and peculiar granite boulders into the odd shapes we see today.

Many are covered in bright orange lichen giving off an eerie golden glow during sunrise and sunset, and the black mica, blue quartz and pink feldspar that make up the granite make them a lot more colourful than they first appear.

kangaroo island tours remarkable rocks

Many of the boulders are pockmarked or have deep, dark caves to explore, which also make a great spot from which to take photos of the ocean below. Some resemble the waves that helped shaped them, while others have been weathered into the shape of faces or even the beak of an eagle. Depending on when you visit, they can glow with red and orange hues late in the day, or look starkly white against the blue sea when the sun is at full force. They’re aren’t called Remarkable Rocks for nothing.

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