Swim with dolphins Baird Bay on Eyre Peninsula

Get trekking to Port Lincoln this instant!

Culinary artist, wine connoisseur, fish fanatic? If all, any, or a combination of the aforementioned apply then get trekking to Port Lincoln this instant!

Boasting a magnificent natural harbour, three times the size of Sydney Harbour, Port Lincoln is every seafood lover’s heaven! Renowned for its Blue Fin Tuna, King George Whiting, Western King Prawns and Southern Rock Lobster the aquaculture industry is most vibrant! And don’t forget to sample a glass of thirst-quenching ‘squiffy’ grape juice and the locally made culinary delights, available throughout much of the region!

Once in the city, – *shopaholics alert* -, check out Tasman Terrace and Liverpool Street where you will find the local shopping precinct. Seek out most delightful keepsakes of jewellery, books, and arts and crafts. And ensure your daily dose of arts, history and culture by visiting Mayne Gallery, Nautilus Arts Centre, Axel Strenross Museum or the Railway Museum.

In need of that wilderness fix? Spend time out of the city and visit Lincoln National Park to be greeted by some of the most scenic coastline in South Australia. Vast sand dune systems, a handful of remote islands, and the stunning Memory Cove Wilderness Protection Area make the park perfect for exploring! With epic scenery you’ll also find some pretty cute native wildlife too. Keep your eyes peeled for Koalas at Mikkira Station.


Not only is Port Lincoln the perfect place for an array of delectable ‘fruits of the sea’ but it is also a great base from which to explore the Southern parts of the Eyre Peninsula. You’ll find countless exhilarating experiences to occupy yourself with. Fishing, sailing, kite surfing, sand dune driving, shark cage diving, surfing and hiking are just to name a few of the adventurous activities to satisfy the ‘thrill seeker’ in you!


Dive with sharks from Port Lincoln, explore Lincoln National Park, meet the Mikkira Station koalas and more on our Southern Ocean Wildlife Adventure.

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Feature image credit – Adventure Bay Charters