Passenger taking a selfie with koala in background on Port Lincoln tour

Meet The Koalas Of Mikkira Station

Mikkira Station used to be famous for its sheep, but there are some much cuter inhabitants these days. Situated 20km south of Port Lincoln, this excellent day (or night) trip will bring you as close as possible to Australia’s most famous cuddly animal – the koala. 
The key to the area’s abundant koala population is partly down to the numerous Manna Gum trees that grow here, providing great habitat and plentiful food for the little guys. For just $25 a night you can camp next to trees full to the brim with wild koalas, a rare treat these days when most visitors to Australia only get to see them through the bars of a zoo or sanctuary.

At Mikkira Station you’ll get to see koalas in their natural habitat and observe natural behaviour and aww over the joeys hanging onto their mothers. They move from tree to tree quite often and seeing them toddle along the ground is a gorgeous sight.

Koalas – see them on a Mikkira Station camping tour with Nullarbor Traveller.

The longer you stay the more likely you are to learn more about how koala families interact with one another and get a deeper understanding of how they behave, much more than the standard photo op with a koala on your shoulder on offer in many other places in Oz. How many people can say they’ve heard a koala roar? Not many, but there’s a good chance here if you decide to spend a few days on the Mikkira Station.

Even if you tire of looking at the koalas (is koala fatigue even a thing?) you can always head out on a bird watching walk, spot wild orchids and picnic in the shadow of a giant yucca trees. The site is open to the public every day except when the mercury hits over 30°C, so spring and autumn are the ideal times for a visit.

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