Blue Tongue Lizard on Nullarbor Traveller wildlife adventure tour.

Meet South Australia’s Big 5


If you want to see extraordinary wildlife on the land and in the sea, South Australia has it by the bucketload. Here’s a look at some of the exciting wildlife you can spot on a South Australia Wildlife Adventure Tour:

Great White Sharks

These amazing but misunderstood giants of the deep can be found in coastal waters all around South Australia. We’ll book your seat on the boat and take you for a cage dive with one of the reputable tour operators located around the coast. It’s the safest way to see these beauties in their natural habitat.


Sure to top most lists of the cutest critters in Australia, you’ll find many places to meet and even hold one of these iconic native animals while in South Australia. Gorge Wildlife Park in Cudlee Creek, just outside Adelaide, is a popular spot. You’ll meet the wild koalas of Mikkira Station when you go on our Perth to Adelaide adventure tours.


Another quintessential Australian staple, the bouncy kangaroo, can be found just about everywhere on our tours. One of our favourite places to hang out with them is at Coodlie Park, an amazing outback eco-tourism property where we’ll take you swag camping when we’re crossing the Nullarbor.


Speaking of swag camping, one of our travellers woke up in her swag to a very close encounter with a curious emu. The emu is the second-largest living bird by height, after its relative, the ostrich. It is endemic to Australia where it is the largest native bird, and it can grow to be 1.9 metres or 6.2 ft tall. You’ll come to fully appreciate these fascinating creatures when you meet some on our South Australia wildlife adventure tours.

Emu on swag camping wildlife adventure tour.

Sea Lions

These playful creatures are a joy to swim with and are found in their greatest numbers along the South Australian coast. Populations of Australian sea lions have sadly been declining for a while, however you can help the effort to protect them by signing up for a swimming session at Baird Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. Swimming with sea lions in the wild is just one of the incredible wildlife encounters you can have when you join one of our Adelaide to Perth adventure tours.


As well as swimming with sea lions, Nullarbor Traveller tours also offer you the opportunity to swim with bottlenose dolphins on an Ocean Eco Experience. In fact, you can swim with both dolphins and sea lions on the same tour. This is a wild and unique experience unlike any other.


Other incredible wildlife you can see on Nullarbor Traveller tours includes whales in the Great Australian Bight Marine National Park. Twenty-nine different types of whales have been recorded here. Of these you’re most likely to see southern right whales. But you may be lucky enough to also spot humpback whales, sperm whales, blue whales and orca whales (killer whales).


These short, stocky cuties are a favourite of Nullarbor Traveller’s co-owner, Jo. When she was a guide, she’d always ask people “if a wombat was an actor, who would it be?” Find out the answer, here.


Dingos are dogs native to Australia and they can sometimes be seen hunting or scavenging for food on the vast plains of the Nullarbor. Due to their wild nature, feeding them is strongly discouraged. Like domestic dogs, though, they do have a thing for shoes and have been known to run off with them when given the opportunity!


You might see goannas on our outback adventure tours – these lizards can grow to be up to 2 metres long. Goannas have a prominent place in the culture of Indigenous Australians, featuring in dreamtime stories, and as a food source. And there’s a good chance you’ll spot other smaller reptiles, Australian blue-tongued lizards, too.

Wedge-Tailed Eagles

Australia’s largest birds of prey, with a massive wingspan of between 1.8 and 2.3 metres, wedge-tailed eagles can be identified by their distinctive tails, which flare out, in flight, before tapering to a point. These majestic birds are primarily hunters, but they also eat carrion. You may see one up close, cleaning up roadkill along the highway.


The distinctive sound of kookaburras laughing is one of the most famously recognisable in the Australian bush. When these birds gather in flocks they’re known as a “riot of kookaburras” – a laughing riot, usually.


Don’t be surprised if you see wild camels roaming around. Camels are not native to Australia but were imported from British India and Afghanistan during the 19th century for transport and construction. After motorised transport replaced the use of camels in the early 20th century, many were released into the wild where they now thrive in Australia’s outback.

As you’ve probably gathered by now, when it comes to seeing wildlife, you’re likely to see more than five of South Australia’s big 5 when you’re on one of our tours. The only hard part will be choosing which are your favourites.

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Swimming with sea lions on a South Australia wildlife tour