Nullarbor Traveller passengers having surfing lesson on the Eyre Peninsula at Sceale Bay, South Australia

Learn to Surf on Eyre Peninsula Tours


Eyre Peninsula tours – now with surfing!

Learn to surf with us on the Eyre Peninsula. We have partnered up with Sceale Bay Surf School to add the awesome experience of learning to surf. Enjoy this experience on all of our Eyre Peninsula tours and other tours that pass through the region from Adelaide and Perth, at no extra charge! We took 10 with Andy Joy,  founder and professional Surfing Coach of Scale Bay Surf School. He is unquestionably one of the region’s most passionate tourism operators and experienced surfers.

Q. You have called the Eyre Peninsula home for many years now. What do you love about it?

A. The Eyre Peninsula is a pristine rugged wilderness. From rolling white sand dunes and limestone cliff lines, to spectacular coastal bays, alive with marine life and a thriving aquatic paradise. It offers the ultimate outdoor adventure in an untouched environment. However many now recognise it as one of the last frontiers in Australia that has been little explored.

I have travelled the world in search of waves but can honestly say that our coast on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula offers everything a surfer desires. From the most spectacular tubes in a wild ocean to the gentle rolling waves of Sceale Bay where anyone can begin their surfing journey.

Q. When did you start surfing Andy?

A. I began my surfing journey at 14 years old. I grew up on a dairy farm near a great surfing beach called Waitpinga, which is located 15 km west of Victor Harbour in South Australia. Everyday I would go to the beach after school and on weekends and surf until dark. I found a great thrill being in the ocean surfing and being so immersed in nature.

Q. What made you want to start up the Surf School?

A. Early in 2018, I met the inspiration Derek Rabelo,  a blind Brazilian Pro Surfer who travels the world surfing some of the biggest waves such as Nazare in Portugal and Pipeline in Hawaii.  Derek’s story and encouragement as I watched him teach kids to surf, influenced and inspired me so much that I immediately got my Surf Instructor’s Accreditation and registered Sceale Bay Surf School.

Prior to becoming a Professional Instructor I had also been teaching my sisters and their kids to surf. There is nothing that I love more than introducing people to the thrill of learning to surf in the ocean, and the beautiful environment that is so tranquil and calming.

Take a surfing lesson at  Sceale Bay Surf School on a Nullarbor Traveller tour and you’ll be “Hanging 10” with the best!

Learning to Surf with Sceale Bay Surf School on Eyre Peninsula

Q. What is the best thing about being a surf instructor?

A. I love to be able to share the surfing experience and see others get the same thrill and joy of riding their first wave as I did all those years ago.  Surfers have a word for that feeling; it’s called STOKED!

Q. What age groups do you teach to surf?

Anyone, from young kids to seniors, can learn the thrill of surfing. Sceale Bay offers gentle and safe rolling waves which make for any ability and age group to learn to surf.  Everyone can discover the thrill of catching a wave. From the young adventurous spirit to the young at heart. Really anyone can enjoy the feeling that only a surfer knows!

Q. Do you always have people standing on their first lesson?

A. Our aim is to get everyone up and riding waves as soon as we can. The technique we use, and quality soft surf boards designed for beginners, has proven a high success rate of getting students up and riding early in their first lesson. We don’t promise it but it’s rare that a person wouldn’t be up and standing within the two-hour lesson.  The waters of Sceale Bay are ideal for learning.

This fantastic Learn to Surf experience is included on our Adelaide to Perth, Perth to Adelaide and the Eyre Peninsula & Flinders Ranges Camping Tours. Book today for your surfing lesson on the Eyre Peninsula.

Learn to surf at Sceale Bay on the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, on a Nullarbor Traveller tour.