Overlooking Cape Le Grand National Park on Esperance tour from Perth

Hassie’s Top 3 Destinations


My wife and I purchased Nullarbor Traveller in 2004 and for the past 15 years having been taking passengers from all of the world on our wildlife and adventure tours throughout the southern parts of Australia. These regions are so magnificent and diverse and they’re also extremely underrated Australian destinations. Which is partly what makes them so special. They are untouched, remote, pristine and what we call the real Australia. Here’s my Top 3 South Australia Destinations!

#1 – Head of Bight

Number one is an easy one and there’s no question that this is my favourite place in Australia.  Head of the Bight, which is the highest part of the Great Australian Bight on the southern coastline of Australia. It has an amazing coastal lookout and to try and paint a picture of what that lookout is like, you stand on a walkway and over on the right you have the huge Bunda Cliffs which go right across the top of the Great Australian Bight. These massive, sheer cliffs were formed by the waves bashing against the rugged coastline over millions of years. The view is just spectacular. And on the other side you have the creamiest white sand dunes you have ever seen. So it’s a real contrast.

At certain times of the year you can stand there, and you can breathe it, you can smell it and you can really feel it. There’s something so special about this place and if you can slow yourself down, your mind wanders as you look to the sea. In the winter months you can see the southern right whales that go there to birth and mate. Seeing these whales with their young frolicking around in the water just adds another level of ‘wow ‘to it.

Perth to Adelaide adventure tour. One of Hassie’s Top 3 Destinations – Head of Bight near the Nullarbor Plain.

#2 – Cape Le Grand National Park

Cape Le Grand National Park in Western Australia is such an amazing spot words really can’t describe it. It has a contrast of such spectacular colours like I have never seen in any other national park in Australia. Whether it’s relaxing on the beach at Lucky Bay or doing some of the hikes such as climbing Frenchman Peak, it’s extraordinarily stunning with outback reds and greens against a beautiful blue ocean. And then you walk on the pristine beaches and on the whitest sand you have ever seen. It squeaks underneath your feet. You’ll also see kangaroos and joeys lazing on the beach so you can imagine people fall in love with this place when they get there.  It’s paradise!

#3 – There’s no place like home

The third is hard to highlight. I really like Whalers Way in Port Lincoln and I also like the coastline and Natural Bridge of Albany.  But I also love where I live. Coodlie Park is a pretty special place.  Whether it’s the campground or the beach or the area around us. A lot of our tours come through Coodlie Park. Passengers sleep in the swag huts in the campground and have a BBQ feast and drinks around the campfire. But if you’re not on a tour, it’s a great place to come and spend some time. Use it as a base to explore the Eyre Peninsula and you’ll see and understand why it’s such a special place. Stay in a cabin, or in the hostel, or spend a night in the swag huts in the campground. People often form a special connection to Coodlie Park and it is a home away from home for many people.

You can visit Hassie’s top 3 destinations on our Adelaide to Perth Tour including meeting the man himself at his home Coodlie Park.

Perth to Adelaide Camping Adventure Tour. See kangaroos on the beach at Lucky Bay Esperance.