Great White Shark tail Port Lincoln South Australia

Shark Cage Diving in Port Lincoln
Facing My Fears

Shark Cage Diving in Port Lincoln

Through my internship with Nullarbor Traveller, I was given the opportunity to shark cage dive with great whites, on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula. And to be honest, I was really, really scared. But when thinking about it logically, I came to a couple of conclusions.

People have been shark cage diving in Port Lincoln for years without any issues. It’s actually safer than getting in car, which we do every day without thinking twice about. You only live once so it was time to face the fears!

Adventure Bay Charters

There are two reputable companies that operate Port Lincoln shark diving tours and I chose to go with ‘Adventure Bay Charters’. They are an Advanced Eco-Accredited company who use rock music to attract the sharks which I thought was quite cool! Apparently “AC/DC is one of the great whites’ favourite bands”.  Before departure from Port Lincoln they told me to get some seasickness tablets, because the ride would be rough that particular day. During the two-hour cruise out to the location I was happy with that advice.  But the meds did the trick as did the free coffee and cake. Once the boat arrived at the diving location I waited until the first few people went into the shark cage just to see how it all worked. Then came the first shark to the boat which was an exciting feeling! I didn’t know they were so big! After the first group got out of the cage, it was my turn and my heartbeat was racing faster and faster each second.

When I finally found myself in the cage, you see all these little fish swimming around you. When you look straight ahead you actually look into a kind dark blue hole with nothing. So this was the abyss! I kept watching and after a few minutes I saw a big dark spot coming towards the cage. It was actually like in a movie. Yes, Jaws.  When you finally can see clearly what it is, your heart is going so fast again! You have all these thoughts like; “Where is it going? Can it see us. Is it hungry? How close is it going to come?” The shark kept us in suspense because he did three circles around the boat and the cage which was amazing!

Shark Diving in Port Lincoln with Adventure Bay Charters

Who Knew That About Great White Sharks!

Once I’d seen a great white shark in “real-life”, in their own environment, it made me more curious about them. For example, did you know they discover things with their mouth and teeth? Plus, females are a metre longer than the males. Most sharks are hunting during daylight, so they can see better when they bite. When they bite their eyes roll actually back into their head, to protect their eyes. It’s quite amazing to think they are blind when they bite their prey.

There is so much more to learn about these beautiful creatures in the ocean that, thanks to Jaws, and some bad press, we all fear so much.

What did I think about Shark Cage Diving in Port Lincoln?

After the tour, I realised when doing shark cage diving you don’t need to be scared, although the cage is a must! The company is very professional and everything is so well organised. The crew were great and looked after everyone on board. It was an incredible feeling to be a visitor in the great white sharks’ environment and seeing my first great white shark is a moment in life, I will treasure forever.

Written by Sandra – January 2018

Nullarbor Traveller offer Shark Cage Diving as an Optional Experience on our 6 Day Eyre Peninsula Tour and 9 Day Perth to Adelaide tour.

To watch one of our passengers experience you can check out this YouTube video.  Are you feeling brave?

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Cage Diving with Great White Sharks in Port Lincoln, South Australia