Kangaroo Selfie at Glen Forest Wildlife Park Port Lincoln

Farewell from Dutchie #19

My 5 month internship comes to an end and I was not expecting that! It is hard to believe after 5 months in the remote outback of South Australia my internship and adventure tour has come to an end. Leaving such an amazing place and environment isn’t easy. From the incredible backyard Hassie calls it to all the people I met. The journey was unforgettable! First of all I’ll tell you about Hassie and Jo.

All the work they do for their company, passengers, tour guides, the tourism industry and us (the dutchies) is unbelievable. They welcomed me into their home, fed me delicious meals and we sometimes had a few too many drinks but always a lot of fun during the sequences nights. (You’ll find out what that is when you visit Coodlie Park one day!) I couldn’t have had a better time and could not thank them enough! Before my adventure the last four years I had been so busy juggling lots of things – working, studying, playing professional football and of course enjoying a social life in between.

It was fun but I felt it was time for something relaxed and then I saw the ad for this internship on a farm in Australia. I applied and lucky for me was accepted. I was set for the ride of living and  relaxing on a farm in outback Australia. Some of my friends said; what on earth are you going to spend five months on a farm doing, you might get bored! I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was just going to see what would happen. Now it has finished I can tell you, it wasn’t boring for a second! It was crazy busy from the start but in a great way. On the odd occasion there wasn’t anything to do in the office, we go onto the property and build a toilet block or work on tires and windmills.

I know for sure that no one else at my college this year had an internship experience even close to what I had and I’m very grateful for that.

South Australia Coodlie Park View from cabin

All the travel agents and people you work with in the tourism industry in Australia are very nice. Just picking up the phone will make you happy, because someone will ask you how you’re doing or what the weather is like. I’ve learned so much working together with Hassie. Working next to the boss of a small company is educational but fun as well. He isn’t the typical boss, Hassie thinks about his passengers and doesn’t look at them as just numbers. I actually saw everything what a manager in tourism needs to be capable of, so it was very educational as well. I also worked with Anna, the companies Business Development and Marketing Manager during some big changes including the launch of a new brand and website which was exciting! Experiencing what a business development manager does was good for me, it’s not only about social media, haha.

I could go on endlessly about all of the stories I experienced at Coodlie Park on South Australia’s raw and wild Eyre Peninsula but most of all, the people you meet and the stories you hear is what make the place so special. A lot of passengers from the tours are just stopping at Coodlie Park overnight or other travellers a few days, but some do end up there for months or come back again and again because that is how great this place is. The Eyre Peninsula is so undiscovered and untouched and Coodlie Park, the farm and the beach is unbelievable . Yes I went to the east coast and did Sydney, Bondi, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Road but as nice as they are they are heavily developed and full of tourists and tourist buses.

At Coodlie Park you can really just sit down and take it all in. The campsite with all the bucket showers and emu families, the amazing cliffs and coastal scenery and playful dolphins. Its priceless and maybe that sounds lonely to some, but I’d call it perfect. Thanks again to Hassie, Jo, Anna, Ross, Maggie the dog and all the tour guides! It was amazing, life changing experience and I’ll see you soon. Over and out – Daan – Dutchie #19

Lizard on a Nullarbor tour from Perth to Adelaide