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Adventure Tours & Trips in Australia.

Nullarbor Traveller offers the best adventure tours to do along Australia’s southern coastline and outback regions.

Our amazing tours are packed full of bucket-list experiences and outdoor activities. Choose a short trip of 6 days or take a longer tour for 9 or 10 days – either way, we guarantee you the trip of a lifetime.

Crossing the Nullarbor is considered to be the ultimate Australian road trip. On this epic adventure tour, you’ll go swag camping throughout South Australia and the south-west of Western Australia. You can travel from Adelaide to Perth, or do the reverse, from Perth to Adelaide. Along the way, you’ll experience incredible hikes, and swim at spectacular beaches. See jaw-dropping scenery, climb trees, learn to surf, go sand-boarding, and engage with Indigenous culture.

And if you’re looking for a digital detox, this is the perfect getaway. Charging stations and wifi will be few and far between, so we encourage you to put your phone on flight-mode and disconnect.

Instead, reconnect with nature, wildlife, adventure, and lovely people because you’ll be in good company with your like-minded fellow travellers.

Expect the same fantastic experiences on our 6-day adventure tours of South Australia and south-west Western Australia. And if you’re not a camper, no worries! We also have tours where you can sleep in a comfortable bed with a roof over your head.

Find out more about our epic holidays and jump on board one of Australia’s best eco adventure tours!