Frenchmans Peak hike in Esperance, Western Australia on Adelaide to Perth tour

The beginning of my South Australian journey

First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Daan and I’m Dutchie number 19 ☺. I’m writing a blog about my next half year in Australia! I will be doing an internship at Coodlie Park which is a 3000 acre rural/coastal farm 800km west of Adelaide in South Australia.  Coodlie Park is the base of the business of the Nullarbor Traveller who are a tour operator doing camping and wildlife tours of the Eyre Peninsula, the Nullarbor and the South/West of Western Australia.  I will be able to do some tours to get an inside view of the organisation and besides that I will be working at the office with Hassie and Jo, the owners of Nullarbor Traveller and Coodlie Park, to see how it is to work in a tourism organisation.

I began my journey in Melbourne. I arrived on Wednesday the 31st of August in a Nomads Hostel. Rashan, another dutchie, was staying there, because his internship is in Melbourne. He is a good friend of mine and he spent a few days with me in Melbourne to see some of the highlights. We went to Federation Square and the Victoria Market. Besides walking through the beautiful city, we did a tour to the Great Ocean Road as well. We had some beautiful views from the holes gap, petted some kangaroos and hangout with a few birds!

The days flew by and before I knew it I was already on my way to Adelaide. I had contact with again another dutchie, because there are more there less 8 dutchies from my school in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, and he invited me to join a group of friends in the Edinburgh Castle. We had a good meal and saw a drag queen show.

Flinders Ranges in South Australia in our Adeliade to Perth tour

I went early to bed, because the pickup time was 6.30am! Despite this I was excited and looking forward to finally meet my boss Hassie and his wife Jo. To get from Adelaide to Coodlie Park I was able to join the first tour of the season which was a 10-day tour from Adelaide to Perth, with 5 other girls and 1 videographer we began the tour!  We bought some beanies and bears for the evening, because bush camping in September in Australia is still a bit cold. Everyone who was on the tour was alone, which made the group bond quickly and lots of fun!

After riding in the bus for a while we did some hiking in the Alligator George. We had some walks down the beautiful caves and rivers. And afterwards we went to a real Australian bar and had a ‘schooner’ . After a day of getting to know everyone and a lot of driving we finally arrived in a beautiful field between the mountains in the Warren George. We ate together by the campfire, threw our swags out and slept under the stars!

The second day began by sunrise. We woke up, had a sandwich and went hiking to see some rare rock wallabies. We saw three or four and had a good morning fresh air. After a few stops by we arrived at Venus bay. A beautiful and untouched landscape where you can see the high waves meeting the rocks. On our way to Coodlie Park we did two more things.  One was sand boarding, which was so funny because we were with 5 girls and they all screamed so loud they could be heard miles away. But it was amazing to see the dunes and bush in just one place like that. We then stopped just at the right time to see the gorgeous sunset at the Talia Caves.

Then finally we were heading towards Coodlie Park, my home for the next few months! We had an delicious ‘ barbie’ and played some funny games by the campfire.  Then we slept in beautiful huts where we could put our swags. My internship hasn’t even began, but it was an awesome week!  Now I’ve had a taste of the tours I can’t wait to finish the tour off and see more of this amazing country!

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Nullarbor Traveller owner Hassie and intern Daan from holland at the front of Coodlie Park on the Eyre Peninsula