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We Dare You To Visit South Australia

For Thrill Seekers

South Australia is a haven for thrill seekers. Here’s our round up of a few ways to get the adrenaline pumping and test your bravery on these adventure tours in Australia.

Shark Cage Diving

Up for paying good money to come face to tooth with one of Australia’s deadliest predators? Good, because Port Lincoln is the place to go if you want to see the iconic Great White Shark up close, really close, and in their natural habitat. Though they’re not as aggressive as you might think, the sight of one of these beasts with up to 15 rows of teeth coming at you from the depths is guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

Shark Cage Diving Port Lincoln
Scary much?

Sand Boarding

Speeding down the dunes is a must-do whilst visiting South Australia. This pristine sand dune system promises some of the best sand boarding in the country and you’ll feel like you’re in the middle of the desert. Be prepared to fall over. At speed. A lot.

Sleeping in a swag under the stars

A night spent out in the bush under the stars, sleeping in a traditional Aussie swag is a rush in itself. With no roof and crucially no floor between you and the potentially deadly creepy crawlies, just going to sleep requires some nerve. However you’ll be rewarded with more stars then you thought existed – and it’s pretty safe as the Aussies have been doing it for yonks!

Nullarbor Traveller Sand Board Tour

Crossing the Nullarbor Plain

This 1700km stretch of absolute barren, remote bushland’s name literally means ‘no trees’. You should also be prepared for no people, no other cars and not much help if you get stranded. The Nullarbor is a road like no other and crossing it is a thrill seekers dream.

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Sitting on the Eyre Highway on the Nullarbor at sunset