South Australia Sand Dune Boarding Group

My Incredible Adventure Tour in Australia!


To some people the thought of camping under the stars in a swag for 10 days is a little scary. Before I came to Australia, I had never heard of a swag, so when I jumped on board the 10 day Adelaide to Perth tour it was a bit of a shock that I was supposed to ditch the tent and sleep in this big, green sleeping bag thing. What was going to protect me from the creepy crawlies? But it turns out this big green bag was actually very comfy and at the end of each adventurous day of hiking, exploring and swimming, you find yourself excited to be jumping in it and sleeping under the stars around the campfire.

Ahhh the campfire. I loved the campfire nights. Just sitting and chatting with other passengers from all over the world was amazing. Young or old, everyone has their story and was willing to share. You, your new friends, and the bush. You don’t need a phone or a television, a beer and each other is more than enough.

You do cover a lot of distance on some of these tours, two-thirds of Australia to be precise, but there is still plenty of time for the days to be filled with adventurous activities. Although some of the hikes are challenging, once you reach to top you forget how hard the walk was as you take in the jaw-dropping sights. The Frenchman Peak hike in Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance and Dutchman’s Stern hike in the Flinders Ranges were honestly two of my highlights of the Nullarbor Traveller tours.

Overlooking Flinders Ranges National Park from Dutchmans Stern

Another really cool and unique experience was sand boarding. The funniest part is seeing everybody, including myself, fall all over the place but you do get a good hit of adrenalin when you get some speed up and fly down those huge dunes! The views on the dunes are amazing as well. Close to Coodlie Park on the Eyre Peninsula you’ll find Lake Newland Conservation Park and there you can see the ocean on one side and the green bush land on the other. The sunrise and sunsets here are amazing.

All of the places across the Nullarbor and Eyre Peninsula just have that something special. The remoteness and feeling of being the only person on earth sometimes as well as the experience of camping is amazing. Being under billion stars in your swag alongside your new friends. Getting back to nature and encountering these great adventures with everybody is the best part of the tours!