Kangaroos on beach at Esperance Western Australia

Adelaide to Perth Adventure Tour – What does Nullarbor mean anyway?

It’s the 22nd of January 2017 at 10:30pm… Adelaide. This is where it all begins. The dream I have had for so many years is finally a reality. I am in Australia!!  Not for just a few weeks but for 6 months!  I am feeling like a very lucky girl to be given the opportunity of a lifetime to be an intern of Australian Wildlife Adventures and living and working on an outback farm called Coodlie Park, on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.  A place I had never heard of until I started researching my internship as a student of the NHTV college in The Netherlands. But first it was time to experience what these guys offer before settling into work for four months!

Day one, still not realizing I am here and half jet-lagged, I was to start my first adventure on the 10 day swag camping Adelaide to Perth tour and I couldn’t wish for a better start for this amazing adventure!  Like most of the other Dutchies (I’m #20) it was the first time I’d even heard of a swag but the thought of sleeping under the stars sounded very special, and so it was!

Our first stay was at a very unique and beautiful site at Warren Gorge which is the ancient Flinders Ranges National Park outside of Adelaide. When we arrived, we set up our bush camp and had a wonderful evening walk catching sight of the rare red footed rock wallabies.  We had a delicious dinner cooked on the campfire and then it was time to get into our beloved swags.  

Elephant Rocks in Denmark Western Australia on Margaret River tours

It was pretty cold on this first night but there was no complaining as I had the spectacular sight of the southern skies above me which made it worthwhile.  The sky was so bright I couldn’t even observe it all at once! The same night I even scared a kangaroo (and the kangaroo scared me) in the middle of the night when putting on an extra sweater. I guess this is the moment they say: Welcome to Australia!

So the company is called Nullarbor Traveller. Meaning traveling through the Nullarbor, quite logical, but what does that even mean? I figured out very soon, Null–no arbor–tree, so it means no trees, and that was quite obvious.  But it was far from boring! Remote Aussie outback and bush, amazing cliff lookouts like the Great Australian Bight where Australia quite literally ends and lots of native wildlife.

After two nights bush camping across the Nullarbor I’d never felt so “good”! I hadn’t had a shower for 3 days, resulting in looking and feeling like a person who hadn’t had a shower for 3 days…. but that didn’t matter! AlI I had to do was enjoy, just simply enjoy! Sandy, our amazing tour guide summed it up, “We are not here to look pretty, we are here to enjoy” and that was a great feeling! As kilometres and bushes passed by, trees started coming back again, which was a good thing.  I could admire my favourite tree again: the salmon gum eucalyptus tree, I just love them!  

Two days later we’d crossed the South Australian and Western Australia boarder and arrived in Esperance. We stayed at Cape Le Grand National Park, another highlight of this trip.  We camped at Lucky Bay which I imagine is called that because people feel very lucky staying there. Waking up next to a white beach with kangaroos and bright blue water, what else can you ask for?  We did two amazing hikes there: Frenchman’s Peak and a long coastal hike, which were my favourite hikes of the tour.

The last three days we continued our journey further around the south west coast of Western Australia on our adventure tour. I have never seen so many beautiful beaches in one region. Here we did so many things like having delicious wine and food tastings at Margaret River, climbing the 52-meter Diamond Tree in the Valley of the Giants, fed some wild stingrays, had an inspiring aboriginal experience at the Ngilgi Caves and ended this amazing journey in Perth!

I didn’t know what to expect from this part of Australia but it has amazed me in every aspect! I have met so many wonderful people on tour, seen so many different landscapes and animals and done so many awesome activities! I couldn’t wish for a better start of my Australian adventure!

So, for all of you out there planning your own Aussie adventure tour I’d say, get off the usual backpacker path and don’t miss out on exploring these destinations and having all these unique experiences like I did!

By Alexandra Grul

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