Check out the view from the Great Australian Bight in South Australia. Weighing up Adelaide Perth vs Sydney Brisbane tours? Adelaide to Perth wins!

Adelaide to Perth vs Sydney to Brisbane

Adelaide to Perth vs Sydney to Brisbane

The road less travelled or the road everyone loves to travel? That’s the real question you have to ask yourself when choosing between these two iconic routes through Australia.

It’s no surprise that Sydney to Brisbane is the big one, where you’ll find all the iconic sights – along with the tourist crowds. The jumping off point, Sydney, is big and brash and you’ll never be short of things to see and do. Most people spend at least a few days here. They learn to surf at Bondi Beach. Take a climb up the harbour bridge. Dine out in top notch restaurants. And get their culture fix at the world famous Opera House. But most people travel the East Coast to party. And if it’s nightlife you’re after, Sydney has it in spades, as do all the towns and cities along the coast.

Outside of the cities there are natural wonders to see, albeit alongside the coach tours. The mist covered Blue Mountains just outside Sydney are a short detour from the route up north, and well worth it for the awesome views and decent hiking routes.

Of course, natural wonders don’t get much more impressive than the Great Barrier Reef, and the East Coast is the only place to see it. There are countless opportunities to board one of the tour boats setting off for the reef every day. Diving this beauty really is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Along the way, there’s a place to stop to learn your pinot noir from your cabernet sauvignon, in the Hunter Valley. A wine-tasting tour here can be a fun way to appreciate Australia’s world-class wines. Another top stop is Byron Bay, one of the most chilled towns in Australia, with a picture perfect bay and laid-back vibe.

Adelaide to Perth adventure tours, on the other hand, visit the land of epic wildness and many would argue, the authentic Australia. With big skies, wide open vistas and few people, this is the side of Oz that draws those with an adventurous spirit. And for good reason.

Backpackers surfing Wave Rock in Western Australia on a Nullarbor Traveller tour from Perth

Adelaide to Perth Adventure Tours

Iconic Road Trips

Earn your stripes by crossing the vast Nullarbor Plain. It covers over 1,000 kms of wilderness and is one of the most iconic road trips in the world that very few people can lay claim to completing. Explore abandoned railway outposts, photograph endless hazy horizons and sleep under the stars in a classic Aussie swag by night.

Incredible Landscapes

You’re almost guaranteed not to see another person for days, only adding to the sense of wild adventure. Travelling this route takes you through every imaginable landscape, from sun-soaked desert to stunning beaches and cool, green forests.

You’ll also get to see the iconic Great Australian Bight, one of the most dramatic and striking coastlines in the world, let alone Australia. And the best part? You’ll have these incredible places all to yourself. The coach tours and tourist crowds are a long way off.

Legendary Wildlife Encounters

The wildlife encounters along this route are legendary. Swim with completely wild sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay, ramp up the adrenaline with a dip with great white sharks in Port Lincoln or visit wild koalas at Mikkira Station.

The World’s Oldest Living Culture

There’s also the chance to delve into Aboriginal Dreamtime with a visit to Wave Rock, awe-inspiring in size and shaped like a perfect wave, this place has the legend of a rainbow-coloured serpent at its heart. Learn about its history and cultural significance from local tribes and explore with just a few other visitors at any time.

You’ll score major brownie points in any so where’s the best place you’ve travelled toconversations. So whether you’re seeking the iconic side of Australia and don’t mind the tourist crowds and partying, or have a more adventurous spirit and like your experiences wild and unique, there are amazing sights to see on both sides. Now you know why people choose to take the road less travelled and book Adelaide to Perth adventure tours.

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