Aboriginal Playing Didgeridoo South Australia
Unique Experiences
Authentic and Unique Experiences

Authentic & Unique Experiences

We offer our travellers some truly unique and once in a life time experiences that will reconnect you with nature and maybe even find you doing a little soul searching with day after day of jaw dropping beauty and wildlife encounters and sharing these experiences with like minded travellers who often become lifetime friends!

Sleep Under the Southern Skies

When we say “camping adventure” we mean it! During the day you are going to see and do a lot but when the sun goes down you’ll sleep Aussie bushman style in swags under the billions of stars that make up the Southern Skies and kick back around the campfire with a beer and sharing stories with your new friends. It is these moments that also leave travellers with life long memories.

Indigenous Culture

To really understand Australia as a whole is to have an appreciation of Indigenous culture, its history and relation to country. The award winning Koomal Dreaming near Margaret River is one of the country’s best Indigenous experiences. Here you will have the opportunity to taste native foods, discover bush medicine and experience traditional fire lighting. Hear stories of the Dreaming spirits and go deep down into the mesmerising Ngilgi Cave for a uniquely memorable didgeridoo cave experience.

Flinders Ranges South Australia Adventure Tour man standing on rock
Castle Rock, Western Australia
Group hike with tour guide Flinders Ranges South Australia