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Western Australia Tours
Western Australia Tours

Western Australia has long been seen as the wild beauty of Australia and it showcases a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours that will leave you speechless.

From the rich reds of the outback, the deep greens of the cool forests and a range of blues and turquoises of the stunning coastlines, which feature some of the best beaches in the world.  A state rich in indigenous culture, Western Australia is also home to unique wildlife such as the cheeky and photogenic quokka’s of Rottnest Island and features bizarre and beautiful natural wonders like Wave Rock.  And at its heart is Perth, a cosmopolitan metropolis perched on the banks of the beautiful Swan River. It is picture perfect with a laid-back vibe.

You can experience some of these highlights on Nullarbor Traveller tours, camping under the stars by night and waking up to sunny days full of wild adventure, with the expertise and knowledge of a passionate tour guide to make it all happen.

South Western Australia Camping Tours

Nullarbor Traveller offers the ultimate Aussie experience of swag camping under the stars under the beautiful southern skies. Our itineraries take in the stunning remoteness of the Cape Le Grand National Park with its crystal clear waters and sunbathing kangaroos, and the world biosphere region of Fitzgerald River National Park. Hike through the Stirling Ranges or sample the delicious delights of Margaret River visiting wineries and a chocolate factory. Yum! With tour routes from Perth to Adelaide over 9 days or our Secrets of Esperance Tour (Perth to Perth), we offer unique camping tours that will give you a rare insight to the natural wonders of South Western Coast of Australia and South Australia.

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Western Australia Camping Tours

Nullarbor Traveller offer the ultimate West Australia camping experiences with swag camping tours across the South West corner of West Australia and into South Australia. Nullarbor tour routes cover the 4000km between Perth and Adelaide and the reverse Perth to Adelaide.  We explore stunning regions such as Esperance and Cape Le Grand, Wave Rock, Margaret River and the outback of The Nullarbor.  Then crossing the boarder into South Australia we we showcase The Eyre Peninsula, The Flinders Rangers, Kangaroo Island and Port Lincoln where you could find yourself face to face with a great white shark, sea lion or dolphin.  Sleeping under the magnificent southern skies as we go we promise you the road trip of a lifetime.

Esperance South Western Australia Tour Deals
Top destinations in Western Australia

Where the goldfields meet the ocean, this little town tucked away on the south coast of WA is the gateway to one of the most pristine, unspoilt coastlines in Western Australia. With untouched beaches, crystal clear waters and rugged national parks on its doorstep, this little Aussie paradise draws visitors looking to enjoy the great outdoors. Located 50 km east of Esperance is the jewel in the crown, Cape Le Grand National Park which is one of Western Australia’s best known and most spectacular National Parks.

Top destinations in Western Australia
Cape Le Grand National Park

Pristine and perfect are two words that reflect the absolute beauty of this park, which is backed by massive granite peaks, heathlands full of wildflowers and an array of wildlife such as pygmy possums and kangaroos.  Frenchman’s Peak in Cape Le Grand stands at an impressive 262m and is one of the most popular hikes on any of our tours.  The view from the top leaves adventurers with their jaws dropped to the floor and Cape Le Grand is so incredible we stay here two nights camping under the stars on the beach.

Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park near Esperance Western Australia
Bluff Knoll lookout after a hike in the Stirling Ranges in south west Western Australia
Top destinations in Western Australia
Stirling Ranges

The Stirling Ranges rise up out of the flat farmland of the Great Southern region of Western Australia in spectacular fashion, as mountains tend to do. These beautiful, mist covered peaks are home to an amazing array of animals and plants, with over 1500 species of plants alone found here. Bushwalking is the best way to see the sights and you’ll be treated to spectacular views and possible sightings of some of Australia’s most ridiculously cute mammals, including the western pygmy possum.

Top destinations in Western Australia
Wave Rock

Standing at over 40 feet tall and 360 feet long, the enormous rocky marvel that is Wave Rock is one of the top natural wonders of Western Australia. Shaped in the form of a perfect breaking wave, and formed more than 2700 million years ago, it is a blaze of reds, yellows and browns which catch the light and appear to gleam out of the rock. The indigenous people of the area believe it was carved out of the earth by the Rainbow Serpent, only adding to its mysticism and beauty.

Wave Rock Group surf
We might not have a big rock or harbour bridge but we do have all of these. Best thing is on our Western Australia Tours, you have them all to yourself!
Western Australia Tours – Latest deals and offers

Everyone loves a deal and if you’re a little more flexible with time, you may be able to take advantage of our Western Australia tour deals. From last minute offers to early bird bookings, we’ve always got a travel deal on the go.

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Discover the Real Australia!

Unique experiences and spectacular destinations. If you are looking for adventure tours with a wildlife focus that will show you what the real Australia is all about then you can’t go past our awesome swag camping tours. Jump on board, get back to nature, meet like minded travellers and have the time of your life!

Nulla Blog
Western Australia Travel Experiences

To help you discover the best on our West Australia Tour itineraries for your trip and inspire future passengers we created the Nulla Blog. Here you will find out about the amazing destinations we visit across Western Australia and the South Australia, first hand from past travellers and our guides who all have great stories to share.

Sting Ray Beach
Marleys Blog – Adventures To Wild Places

A minibus with a big yellow trailer pulls up to the curb outside of our hostel in Adelaide. ‘I’m guessing this is it,’ Dan remarks. Nullarbor Traveller – adventures to wild places is printed across the side, and Sandy jumps out of the driver’s seat to greet us. 10 days from Adelaide to Perth awaits – all packed into a 20 seater bus and a trailer.

Great Australian Bight - South Australia Tours
Tour Guide Tales – 60,000km Across the Nullarbor and Counting!

Ever wondered what it was like to be a tour guide on some of the longest haul, overland tours in Australia? Read about Jodie’s epic adventures back and forward across the Nullarbor on our Adelaide to Perth tours. She’s clocked up 60,000km this season alone and according to her, has loved every minute of it. Well most of them!

Adelaide to Perth Adventure
Wave Rock Western Australia

Australia is famed for hosting some of the world’s most impressive rock formations. From Uluru to the Devils Marbles, the 12 Apostles and the Three Sisters each State seems to have at least one impressive rock ready to show the world. However the lesser known Wave Rock in Western Australia is often overlooked despite its incredible size and form.

Western Australia Tour Review
Here’s what our passengers have to say about Nullarbor Traveller tours
Western Australia Top Historical and Travel Facts

Western Australia is Australia’s largest state

The coast stretches for over 12,500km

Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park has Australia’s whitest sand

Perth has more sunny days than any other Australian city

  • Perth is closer to Indonesia than it is to Australia’s capital, Canberra
  • Broome is the world’s biggest producer of pearls
  • Western Australia is also the world’s largest producer of diamonds
  • Perth is home to more self-made millionaires than anywhere in the world
  • It is also the most remote city in the world
  • There are 66 Indigenous language groups within Western Australia.
  • Western Australia’s Coat of Arms pictures a black swan on rippled water. The shield is supported by a kangaroo on either side, each holding a boomerang.
  • The waters around Western Australia are home to the world’s largest fish, the whale shark.
  • Western Australia’s Mount Augustus is the world’s largest rock.
  • Rottnest Island was originally named ‘rat nest island’ as early Dutch explorers thought the quokkas that inhabited the island were rats.
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You may think we’re a little biased when it comes to Western Australia Tours and you’d be right to think that, but don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself.