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  • Discover South Australia’s vibrant capital for culture and adventure!

    Discover Adelaide, South Australia is a great place to start your South Australia travels from and combines natural beauty with a bustling city atmosphere.

  • Get trekking to Port Lincoln this instant!

    Culinary artist, wine connoisseur, fish fanatic? If all, any, or a combination of the aforementioned apply then get trekking to Port Lincoln this instant!

  • Explore The Stunning Kangaroo Island

    Kangaroo Island’s epic ecosystems are alive and kicking with “all creatures great and small!” Sooty Dunnarts, Bandicoots, Koalas and of course Kangaroos

  • Farewell from Dutchie #19

    My 5 month internship comes to an end and I was not expecting that! It is hard to believe after 5 months in the remote outback of South Australia my internship

  • The Eyre Peninsula - No.1 Oz Bucket List Destination

    If you’re lover all things to do with the sea then the Eyre Peninsula, located in the State of South Australia, is a ‘bucket list’ destination for you!

  • My Incredible Adventure Tour in Australia!

    To some people the thought of camping under the stars in a swag for 10 days is a little scary. Before I came to Australia I had never heard of a swag, so when I jumped on board the 10 day Adelaide to Perth tour it was a bit of a shock…

  • South Australia Camping Tour Deals

    The ultimate South Australia Camping Tours and for a limited time only, they’re available at an exclusive discount for direct bookings.

  • Swimming With Sea Lions In South Australia

    Australia’s south coast is packed to the brim when it comes to exciting wildlife, so should you find yourself in this neck of the woods during your travels, don’t miss out on the awesome wildlife encounters on offer such as swimming with sea lions.

  • Tour Guide Tales – It Feels Like Home

    Darwin was headed into wet season. The heat had sky rocketed along with the humidity, the parks were closing down, the tourists were slowly leaving and I was unsure of where I was headed for summer.

  • Wave Rock Western Australia

    Australia is famed for hosting some of the world’s most impressive rock formations. From Uluru to the Devils Marbles, the 12 Apostles and the Three Sisters each State seems to have at least one impressive rock ready to show the world. However the lesser known Wave Rock in Western Australia is often overlooked despite its incredible size and form.

  • Swimming with Sea lions and Dolphins on the Eyre Peninsula

    Before my internship on South Australia’s amazing Eyre Peninsula even started I had another adventure to embark on and how excited was I to find out it is one of the best Eco-Tours in South Australia – swimming with sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay.

  • Welcome to the Eyre Peninsula

    Unquestionably one of Australia’s best kept secrets the Eyre Peninsula features incredible scenery and once in a lifetime aquatic experiences such as Shark Cage Diving with great whites or swimming with dolphins and sea lions in the crystal clear waters of Baird Bay.

  • Nullarbor Traveller Love Story

    My Real Aussie Adventure – Travelling Oz & WWOOFING at Coodlie Park on South Australia’s amazing Eyre Peninsula

  • 8 Things You Didn’t Know About The Nullarbor Plain

    One of the greatest road journeys in Australia, crossing the Nullarbor Plain was once deemed the most dangerous crossing in all of Australia due to the vast distance from Adelaide to Perth and lack of amenities along the way.

  • The beginning of my South Australian journey

    First I would like to introduce myself. My name is Daan and I’m Dutchie number 19 ☺. I’m writing a blog about my next half year in Australia! I will be doing an internship at Coodlie Park which is a 3000 acre rural/coastal farm 800km west of Adelaide in South Australia.

  • Esperance and Cape Le Grand National Park

    “Hey there! I’m Bec from Melbourne. I was lucky enough to jump on Nullarbor Traveller’s 10 Day Adelaide-Perth tour. Travelling across the Nullarbor was at the top of my travel bucket list.

  • Hassie’s Blog

    G’day My name is Hassie and I live in what I call “gods country”, on the wild and beautiful Eyre Peninsula in South Australia.

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