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Unique Experiences
Authentic and Unique Experiences

Authentic & Unique Experiences

We offer our travellers some truly unique and once in a life time experiences that will reconnect you with nature and maybe even find you doing a little soul searching. With day after day of jaw dropping beauty, up close and personal wildlife encounters and Australian culture with your incredible guide, you’ll be feeling on top of the world.  Best thing is you’ll be sharing these experiences with your new camping buddies who will often become your lifetime friends.

Find Happiness Under the Stars

When we say “camping adventure” we mean it! Your days are going to be action packed and filled with adventure, nature and wildlife, but another highlight on our tours is when the sun goes down. Then its time to set up camp, roll our your swag and kick back around the campfire with a beer, sharing stories with your new friends. The billions of stars that make up the stunning Southern Skies are like a dazzling chandelier suspended from the heavens. It is these moments that leave travellers with life long memories.



Sleeping in a Swag

Most people don’t know what a swag is before they come to Australia so allow us to explain.  A swag is a waterproof canvas sleeping compartment that comes with a foam mattress. You pop your own pillow and sleeping bag inside, roll out out under the stars, hop in and feel truly connected with nature.  Its normal to be a little nervous about sleeping in a swag for the first time but we promise you that you’ll grow to love your swag so much you’ll almost to sad to get back into a normal bed at the end of the tour!  Waking up to the sound of birds and opening your eyes and seeing a beautiful sunrise is a memory you will treasure.

Hikes that will take your breath away

Our tours feature some of the best hikes in Australia and when looking at our past adventurers feedback, the hikes are the most commented on experiences on our tours!  We hike anywhere from 3-9km a day through untouched national parks, along spectacular coastlines, through giant forests and up peaks with views that will leave you speechless and feeling on top of the world.  Some of the hikes are challenging but that is part of the reward. You’ll not only have an incredible experience, you’ll feel a sense of achievement!

Indigenous Culture

To really understand Australia as a whole is to have an appreciation of Indigenous culture, its history and relation to country. The award winning Koomal Dreaming near Margaret River is one of the country’s best Indigenous experiences. Here you will have the opportunity to taste native foods, discover bush medicine and experience traditional fire lighting. Hear stories of the Dreaming spirits and go deep down into the mesmerising Ngilgi Cave for a uniquely memorable didgeridoo cave experience.

Tours to take your breath away

Explore our tours to find an adventure that will leave you speechless or learn more about South Australia tours or Western Australia tours. We can’t wait to show you our backyard!

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Castle Rock, Western Australia
Emu & Girl in Swag
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